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About Chakor Lakeerein

Chakor Lakeerein believes in the unity of all artistic expressions, its significance, and its charm in the present milieu. As Jawaharlal Nehru said, “Culture is the widening of the mind and the spirit’’, we uphold that each form is an exhibition of passion, and requires a parallel platform to showcase its virtuosity. At Chakor Lakeerein, we aim to enliven traditional music and Indian folklore that has somewhere been lost in the bygones, along with reminiscing the poetic works of previous century poets. We also understand that urban India is home to a cascade of contemporary craft, and hence we also embrace existing talent with all its novelty. Binding the past along with the present to unite like-minded people under an umbrella, Chakor Lakeerein intends to create a lyrical fountain of poetry, music, and literature all over India. Not delineating itself under any particular category, our multifaceted lines open a window into people’s hearts, entitling them to express their creative side, along with giving them a glimpse of vibrant and innovative Indian culture.



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